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Laparoscopic Surgery in Tijuana

Less invasive, safe, cost-effective, and life-changing.
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Laparoscopic Surgery in Tijuana

Laparoscopy surgery in Tijuana is your minimally invasive alternative to conventional open surgery, promoting a faster and safer recovery.

  • Life-changing benefits.
  • Lower risk of complications.
  • Faster and more comfortable recovery.
  • Smaller and less visible scars.

Variety of procedures

At Hospital Mi Doctor, we offer you different laparoscopy surgery procedures including Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve.

Certified Surgeons

Laparoscopy surgery in Tijuana offers you experienced and professional certified surgeons at more affordable prices than in de US.

Advanced Technology

Our modern, comfortable and safe facilities will give the best attention and quality patient care at prices you can afford.

A safer and more comfortable alternative

Laparoscopy surgery in Tijuana, is one of the most recommended methods to perform different bariatric surgeries. It is less invasive and more comfortable, offering you the opportunity to get back to your normal activities in a faster time.

How does laparoscopy surgery work?

The laparoscopy surgery method requires a few small incisions (of less than half an inch) using a tiny camera called ¨Laparoscope¨, allowing the surgeon to perform the surgery using a monitor and the best technology.

Benefits of laparoscopy surgery in Tijuana

  • Less discomfort after the surgery.
  • Shorter hospital stay.
  • Smaller external scars.
  • Reduced Risk of Bleeding during surgery.
  • Get back to your normal activities sooner.


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